Walks in Bansko's Vicinity

Walks in Bansko's Vicinity

You could combine your holiday with excursion trips to famous historical sites or just admire Bansko’s nature. While staying in town, you could visit:


  • Belitza Park: one of the most attractive ecological projects in Bulgaria, the Belitza Park, is home to 13 bears and is the first center for readaptation of bears in Southeast Europe.

  • Razlog: located in between three mountains, the town is a starting point for many hiking routes in Pirin, Rila, and the Rhodopi Mountain. The old houses in Razlog bear the spirit of the Bulgarian Revival and culture.

  • Melnik: Melnik is the smallest town in Bulgaria. It is a starting point for several tourist routes that will reveal picturesque views and wonderful sceneries. One of the most attractive nature sights in Southwestern Bulgaria are Melnik Pyramids. They are sand stone formations that change their colors in the sunlight. Melnik is famous not only for its breathtaking nature, but also for its unique red wine. It is increasingly rare, dark hued, exotically perfumed, and richly textured variety. In authentic atmosphere you will have the opportunity to enjoy its strong flavor.

  • Sveto Rojdestvo Bogorodichno Rojen Monastery: the Rojen Monastery is one of the biggest in the Pirin region. It has preserved Bulgarian cultural values throughout the years and is a landmark that you simply cannot miss. 

  • Dobrinishte: it is the second most important ski center in the Pirin Mountain and one of the major resorts in Bulgaria. Along with the incredible conditions for recreation, you will find various opportunities for hiking and having fun.

  • Dobursko: a magical starting point for hiking, Dobursko has kept its nature untouched. It is a unique small village that has kept the millennial Bulgarian traditions alive.